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Canada’s healthcare system? Most say it’s working as well as can be expected

By Bruce Anderson In new public opinion research commissioned by the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, 3200 adult Canadians were interviewed by Abacus Data, between July 20th and 24th, 2021. Results show that Canadians tend to see our health care system as functioning in line with their expectations, with relatively better satisfaction regarding virtual

Canadians’ views surrounding pharmacare

By Bruce Anderson On behalf of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, Abacus recently completed a nationwide survey of 1500 adult Canadians. The focus was to understand how Canadian adults feel about the policy choices that lie ahead for Ottawa on this file. 83% HAVE SOME FORM OF DRUG INSURANCE Half of those surveyed

Latest Public Opinion on National Pharmacare: Canadians prefer a dollar-wise focus on those who have no insurance coverage

By Bruce Anderson Our most recent survey of attitudes towards a Canadian pharmacare initiative commissioned by the Canadian Life and Health Association (1,200 interviews, conducted between February 26 and March 3, 2019) reveals strong support for the idea of helping improve the affordability of medicine for those who have no drug insurance today, coupled with

Canadian Perspectives on Pharmacare

By Bruce Anderson AFFORDABILITY OF MEDICINE AND GROUP/PRIVATE INSURANCE PLANS Today, 77% say that the medicines they need are affordable or “affordable enough” while 23% say they are unaffordable.  Those who do not have private or group health insurance coverage are about three times more likely to say the medicines they need are unaffordable. In

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