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Canadians See Clean Energy Eclipsing Oil and Gas in Economic Importance for Canada

By David Coletto In the latest round of survey work by Clean Energy Canada and Abacus Data, for every person who thinks oil and gas will be very important for Canada’s economy in 10 years, twice as many feel that way about clean energy. The results paint a picture of a population that believes oil

Transition from Fossil Fuels? Not all that Controversial.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto One of the most topical political debates in Canada in recent months has been about how much our economy should depend in the future on harnessing fossil fuel resources. In our latest survey, we decided to do some more probing to understand current feelings. • Canadians tend to believe

Sun News Network: Canadians Want Nexen Deal Nixed

David joined Alex Pierson on AM Agenda to discuss the new Abacus Poll on the Nexen/CNOOC deal.  

New politics of the oil sands won’t be about the environment

The oil sands remain a highly divisive and controversial topic in Canada.  Opinion is polarized by proponents of development in Western Canada and its strong opponents in Quebec.  Albertans and Quebecers are as far apart on the oil sands as possible.

Good decisions require good data.