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Globe and Mail: Pollsters on Ontario discrepancies: ‘Stop focusing on the horse race’

For Ipsos-Reid President Darrell Bricker, whose firm had the Liberals ahead by 10 points, there was some ribbing on election night. Sun News correspondent David Akin pointed out the numbers of his media outlet’s pollster, Abacus Data. “Final Abacus poll: LP 37 PC 34 NDP 24; actual results at 2302: LP 37 PC 35 NDP

Globe and Mail: Pollsters did better – but still missed mark – in Ontario

By Eric Grenier October 7, 2011 Ironically, in light of the controversy stirred up in the opening days of the campaign, the two most accurate polls came from the newest firms: Forum Research, with a total error of only 1.6 points and using the IVR method, and Abacus Data, with a total error of 4.4

Good decisions require good data.