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How a home internet connection is helping Canadians get through the COVID-19 pandemic

By David Coletto For over five weeks now, Canadians have been told to #StayHome and physically distance themselves from others because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So much of how they live, work, learn, and play has been upended, altered, and disrupted. Earlier this week, my spouse and I were talking about how surreal this has

OUTSOURCED Part 3: Peer Networks: The Currency of Trust

Outsourced By Callista Ryan How do we decide whom and what we place our trust in? Generally, you trust your parents and family members because you were born into their lives. You typically trust your spouse because there is an underlying attraction which facilitates its development. But how do you trust a stranger? How do

OUTSOURCED Part 1: The Peer Employer: No References Required

Outsourced By Callista Ryan The world used to be a simpler place. To get a job you would visit prospective employers, hand in your resume, provide prestigious references, and wait for your call back. Today, the hiring process is more invasive than it has ever been. Before hiring, employers will view as many social media

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