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Canadians are united in believing our country brings good to the world

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto We asked people whether they thought Canada and several other countries were doing more good for the world or more harm. Canadians are almost unanimously that our country does more good than harm in the world. The majority feel the US does more harm; results are almost identical for

Diplomatic, tolerant & ethical. How Canadians think the rest of the world sees our country.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest national survey, we asked Canadians questions about a range of international issues and perceptions. CANADA’S IMAGE ABROAD Canadians think the rest of the world sees our country is seen as tolerant (93%) diplomatic (93%) and ethical (88%). The large majority think our country is seen as

Less than 1 in 3 oppose changes to Canada’s role in fight with ISIS

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto MOST ACCEPT CANADA’S SHIFT IN ROLE IN THE FIGHT AGAINST ISIS Our latest poll reveals broad acceptance of the move by Ottawa to adjust Canada’s role in the fight against ISIS: 30% support the new approach, 40% say they accept it, while 29% oppose. Reactions diverge along partisan lines.


By Bruce Anderson and David Coletto Global events have brought Canadian foreign policy into focus in recent months. Our latest poll explored how Canadians are feeling about the leadership of the government in this area. On the whole Mr. Harper has the confidence of more Canadians than not when it comes to the positions he’s

Canadians not keen on another Afghanistan

OTTAWA – A majority of Canadians are proud of the men and women who fought in Afghanistan, but would be less likely to support another similar mission, according to an exclusive poll for Sun News. The online survey found that 83% of 1,250 respondents expressed pride for those who served, but 79% felt very little

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