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Liberals lead by 6 nationally, as COVID-19 gains as top issue

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Our latest national survey puts the Liberals ahead by 6 nationally – and with leads in BC, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada that would give them potential to win a majority if an election were held today. • In BC, the Liberals 34% lead the Conservatives by six (28%).

Liberals lead by eight as Canadians say their vote is tied to COVID-19 response plan.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Our latest national polling data shows that an election held today would see the Liberals with 38% support, 8-percentage points ahead of the Conservatives. This is the largest lead for the Liberals since June and a 4-point gain in about a month. The Liberals lead in every part of

Canadians are divided on whether MPs should vote for Conservative committee today and force an election

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto As Canadians may be asked to vote in a snap election resulting from an impasse between the government and opposition parties, we decided to get a quick reading directly from Canadians. Between 5 pm and 9:30 pm ET last night, we surveyed 1,000 Canadian adults about the upcoming confidence

Some modestly good news for Liberals after the Throne Speech

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto After last week’s Speech from the Throne Liberal support is steady nationally at 35%, with the Conservatives five points back. NDP support is steady at 17%. The regional breaks show the Liberals ahead in BC (by 4 points), Ontario (by 8 points), Quebec (by 7 points) and Atlantic Canada

Liberals slightly ahead as the Throne Speech looms

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto An election today would see the Liberals (35%) slightly ahead of the Conservatives (32%) nationally with the NDP back at 17%. Since early this month, the Liberals are up by two, the Conservatives one, and while the NDP is down one – changes all within the margin of error.

Liberal support sags as the summer ends and O’Toole begins as Conservative leader

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto An election today would see the Liberals (33%) and Conservatives (31%) in a virtual tie in terms of national support. The NDP is further back with 18%, a level they have maintained for many months now. The regional patterns show the Liberals tied with the BQ in Quebec, virtually

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