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Poll: Ontarians Are Interested in Electric Vehicles, but Lack of Provincial Action Is a Barrier

In the latest round of survey work by Clean Energy Canada and Abacus Data, we surveyed 1500 residents of Ontario as the province enters a provincial election campaign. Key findings include: 55% think climate change is a serious problem and more action needs to be taken to fight it, but only 25% think Premier Doug

Almost 80% Of Canadians Open to Owning an Electric Vehicle

In the latest round of survey work by Clean Energy Canada and Abacus Data, only 21% of Canadian adults think they “probably never will” own an electric vehicle.  At the other end of the spectrum, 19% (the equivalent of more than 5 million people) say they love the idea of owning one, and another 31%

Broad support for a wide range of policies – including carbon pricing – to help reduce emissions and fight climate change

As Canada’s political parties prepare their election platforms, the latest Clean Energy Canada – Abacus Data nationwide poll explored opinions about what should be included in a plan to combat climate change. The results showed: • All 8 of the possible components tested found a majority say that they should ideally or must be included

Canadians see electric vehicles becoming mainstream, soon. Environmental, fuel cost advantages widely perceived.

Canadians believe the future of consumer vehicle market will be defined by electric vehicles, and they hope it happens pretty quickly, according to the second in a series of exclusive polls by Abacus Data and Clean Energy Canada. • Most (64%) say that if it were up to them, electric cars would become the majority

Good decisions require good data.