Platforms strengths & weaknesses entering the second half of Election 42

CPC wins on security, struggling on economy. NDP has strength in Quebec, but soft on taxes, jobs elsewhere Liberals competitive on economy, especially in Ontario By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto As we’ve passed the mid-point in the campaign, parties have announced many parts of their platforms. We thought it would be useful to see

Research Note: Who are the undecided voters?

By David Coletto In our latest survey (completed August 26 to 28), 24% of respondents said they were undecided about which party they would support.  This is same proportion as our previous wave of research two weeks ago. Past Federal Voting Behaviour In 2011, 42% say they did not vote while 58% said they voted.

Race narrows as NDP support dips

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Our latest national voting intention numbers reveal a tightening race as the NDP has lost a little ground. If the election were tomorrow, 31% say they would vote NDP (down from 35% two weeks ago), 30% would vote CPC, and 28% would vote Liberal. The Liberals picked up 2

Mood of the electorate worsens as perceptions about the economy deteriorate.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Feelings about the economy weakened sharply in the last month, and for the first time in our study going back to October 2013 more people say the economy is in poor shape than say it is in good shape. Only 33% think the economy is growing, while 64% think

Election 2015: NDP leads but 70% of voters up for grabs

  By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Today, 30% of voters say they have made up their mind about which party they will vote for and won’t be changing, while 70% have not fully decided. This is unchanged from our last wave of surveying. When asked when they think they will be making up their

Canadian Politics: Lots of voters prefer change. Few fear it.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Economic evaluations remain more positive than negative Feelings about the economy are mixed news for all of Canada’s major political parties right now.  57% say the economy is good/very good, 43% rate it as poor/very poor. For the Conservatives, it is better that a majority see the economy as

Federal Tories and Liberals in a Dead Heat

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto For interviews, or to find out about our services, please contact Bruce Anderson at (613-882-0929) or CEO David Coletto at (613-232-2806) Our latest nationwide study of political opinion looked at headline data as well as some probing about the different leaders. This release focuses on the main


By Bruce Anderson and David Coletto Second of several releases in the coming two week. For interviews or quotes, or to find out more about our services, please contact either Chairman Bruce Anderson at (613-882-0929) or CEO David Coletto at (613-232-2806) When voters ponder a change in government, they often consider whether things

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