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Trump and Canadians: it’s Not Going Well

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Following President Trump’s trip to the Middle East and Europe, we decided to ask Canadians how they were feeling about the new President, a little over 100 days into his term in office. Here’s what we found: Very few (10%) think Mr. Trump represented America well at the G7

Canadians: Paris Accord a good idea, Trump wrong to exit

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto The vast majority of Canadians (84%) say President Donald Trump made the wrong call in exiting the Paris Climate Change Accord, and exactly the same number say Canada should remain committed to the deal. Unusually, these views cross partisan lines. Even a majority of Canadian Conservative voters, who have

Shock and Dismay: Canadians on Trump’s Victory

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest survey of national opinion, we explored reactions to the election of Donald Trump as US President. Here’s what we found. • The most common single words Canadians use to describe their reaction to Mr. Trump’s election were ‘shocked, surprised, disappointed, disgusted, and horror”. • In answer

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