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Pierre Poilievre may have the advantage, but his popularity is softening: New Abacus polling on Canadian politics.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Our latest nationwide public opinion survey shows little change on several of the variables that we track, but we do see evidence that Pierre Poilievre has lost some popularity over the last few weeks. VOTE INTENTION & VOTER POOLS Since 2022 began, the Liberals have been tracking between 30%

How do Canadians react to Pierre Poilievre’s campaign narrative?

By David Coletto Abacus Data recently completed a national survey with a sample of 2,000 Canadian adults from April 4 to 9, 2022. In that survey, we showed respondents who completed the survey in English the campaign launch video of Conservative Party leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre as a way to test reaction to his campaign’s

Advantage Poilievre but Charest could be competitive: new Abacus poll.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto We recently completed a national survey with a sample of 1,500 Canadian adults from March 22 to 25, 2022. IMPRESSIONS OF CONSERVATIVE LEADERSHIP CANDIDATES Across the country, one in five voters says they have a positive impression of Pierre Poilievre and Jean Charest. Neither has particularly high negatives, with

Was Kevin O’Leary the Conservative Party’s best hope to beat Trudeau? Data suggests he wasn’t.

By David Coletto Yesterday, Kevin O’Leary shocked many, including myself, by dropping out of the Conservative Party leadership race. In announcing his decision, O’Leary claimed that while he thought he could win the leadership, he feared he would be unable to win a general election because of an inability to win enough support in Quebec.

Is Kevin O’Leary the Winner Conservatives Are Looking For?

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Last week, we surveyed several thousand Canadians and asked them questions about some of the prominent names in the Conservative leadership race (O’Leary, Bernier, Raitt, Leitch, and Scheer).  We also explored for perceptions of some of the names that come up most often in discussions about the NDP leadership.

CPC Leadership: MacKay leads. O’Leary has some appeal but a polarizing impact.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest poll we asked people which of 8 possible candidates for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada they think would make the best choice. Here are the highlights of our findings: • Peter MacKay leads this field by 15 points, at 33% followed by Kevin

Good decisions require good data.