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Muslims and Indigenous People Face the Most Discrimination in Canada, According to Canadians

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our final survey of the year, we asked Canadians to tell us how much discrimination they see in our society, towards a variety of groups. To add context, we mimicked some questions that the Pew Research Center asked in the US recently. Here’s what we found: • The

Canadian Perspectives on Funding Sports

By David Coletto In our latest national public opinion survey (conducted November 11 to 13), we explored public attitudes towards public funding of sports in Canada and interest in the Summer Olympics in Rio. Here’s what we found: • Canadians are generally supportive of public funds being used for a variety of sport initiatives but

The Conservative Race is Wide Open

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto As the list of contenders for the Conservative Party leadership takes more shape, updated our polling data on who Canadians prefer, among the names that have been in consideration (our poll was taken just before Tony Clement dropped out). Here’s what we found: • Kevin O’Leary garners 21% across


By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest national survey of 2,010 Canadian adults, we asked Canadians what they thought about the potential for Canada to win new investment from around the world. ATTRACTING INVESTMENT TO CANADA Prime Minister Trudeau has been making a case for inbound foreign investment, and two in three (65%)


By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Our latest survey of Canadian public opinion suggests that Canadians are feeling better, gradually, about the economy. Here’s what we found: • More people say the economy is in poor shape (57%) rather than good shape (43%), but the gap has narrowed from 36 points in March to 14


By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto As the Republican and Democratic Parties look to be mostly wrapped up their selection process for this fall’s Presidential Elections, we asked Canadians how they were feeling about Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump. Here’s what we found: • Ms. Clinton would sweep Canada by 80% to 20%


By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto For several years, construction of new pipelines to get Canadian oil to offshore markets have generated controversy involving environmental groups, industry, and politicians. But where does the public actually stand? Our latest survey included a series of questions designed to characterize the current mood. Here’s what we found: •

Less than 1 in 3 oppose changes to Canada’s role in fight with ISIS

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto MOST ACCEPT CANADA’S SHIFT IN ROLE IN THE FIGHT AGAINST ISIS Our latest poll reveals broad acceptance of the move by Ottawa to adjust Canada’s role in the fight against ISIS: 30% support the new approach, 40% say they accept it, while 29% oppose. Reactions diverge along partisan lines.

Are things as bad for Millennials than in the past?

David joined Steve Paikin on The Agenda to discuss whether things are really worse for Millennials than for other generations. In the decision, he cited findings from an Abacus Data survey on Millennials.  You can find the results here. He also cited the results of a study published by the Toronto Star in 2007 on

Can You Actually Teach A Millennial How To Do Social Media?

By: Dorie Clark Forbes Aug. 6, 2013 Go ahead, try to “teach” today’s typical college or graduate student how to use Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Reddit. As Forbes’ Mark Fidelman reported last year, many graduate programs aren’t even trying – perhaps because of ossified course approval processes, which often take years to get new material into the

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