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The Wearable Revolution: Millennials are leading the wearable movement

By Devlyn Lalonde On our Canadian Millennials site we previously wrote a post on the #Selfcare phenomenon that has seized the Millennial generation -if you haven’t had a chance to read it I highly recommend you check it out. That post and your conversation got us thinking about how Millennial views on health and healthy lifestyles

As Conservatives Choose and the NDP Race Heats Up, Where Things Stand in Canadian Politics.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto It’s been just over a year and a half since the last federal election. Conservatives across the country have been mailing in ballots and their new leader will be known next weekend. The NDP race may now have a final lineup set and switch into a higher gear. As

Job Approval of the New Government: 51% approve vs. 19% disapprove

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Remarkably Few Unhappy with New Government While less than half of Canadian voters marked a ballot for a Liberal candidate, only 19% are unhappy with the performance of the Trudeau government so far. This view cuts across regional, demographic and political lines to a remarkable degree. Demographically, there is

What Albertans think about their new government and energy issues.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto We’ve completed an in depth survey among 1,000 residents of Alberta. This release deals exclusively with matters related to energy, and more of the data will be available in the coming weeks. Our first two releases, from the last week, can be found by clicking here and here. Energy

Alberta’s election was more about change, less about the NDP, say voters.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto We’ve just completed a major, in depth survey among 1,000 residents of Alberta.  The second tranche of results is described here, and more of the data will be available in the coming weeks. Our first release, from earlier this week, can be found by clicking here. WHAT HAPPENED? We

Bruce Anderson joins Abacus Data as Chairman

Abacus Data announced today that Bruce Anderson, one of Canada’s most respected pollsters, will be joining the firm as Chairman on December 1st. “This is great news for Abacus Data,” said the company’s Managing Partner Tim Powers, who is also vice-chair of Summa Strategies. “Bruce has a stellar national reputation and he’s always looking for

Globe and Mail: Pollsters on Ontario discrepancies: ‘Stop focusing on the horse race’

For Ipsos-Reid President Darrell Bricker, whose firm had the Liberals ahead by 10 points, there was some ribbing on election night. Sun News correspondent David Akin pointed out the numbers of his media outlet’s pollster, Abacus Data. “Final Abacus poll: LP 37 PC 34 NDP 24; actual results at 2302: LP 37 PC 35 NDP

Globe and Mail: Pollsters did better – but still missed mark – in Ontario

By Eric Grenier October 7, 2011 Ironically, in light of the controversy stirred up in the opening days of the campaign, the two most accurate polls came from the newest firms: Forum Research, with a total error of only 1.6 points and using the IVR method, and Abacus Data, with a total error of 4.4

Abacus Data Celebrates its 1st Anniversary

One year ago, the partners at Summa Strategies and Abacus Data’s founding CEO, announced the creation of a new strategic research firm headquartered in Canada’s national capital. Since then, Abacus Data has quickly established itself as a trust research partner for a wide variety of clients. With its young and experienced team of research professionals,

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