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John Ivison: It’s always sunny for Ignatieff

John Ivison December 16, 2010 – 8:41 pm National Post If Michael Ignatieff is ever wounded by the insults and reversals of political life, he hides it well. Neither he nor his wife, Zsuzsanna, has any reason to welcome the press to Stornoway, the Opposition leader’s residence. Yet, Mr. Ignatieff is in a relaxed mood

Winnipeg Free Press: You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet: expect even bigger headlines for oilsands in 2011

By: Bob Weber, The Canadian Press After a year of scathing billboards in foreign cities, a virtual revolving door of American politicians and Hollywood celebrities, and a very public trial over 1,600 dead ducks, it may be hard to imagine how Alberta’s oilsands could get any more prominent. Just you wait. “We’re planning to double

Ottawa Sun: Love ’em or hate ’em

Federal Conservatives’ brand the strongest, but most divisive: Poll By DAVID AKIN, QMI Agency Those who love ’em, love ’em a lot. But those who don’t like the federal Conservative Party really, really, really don’t like them. A new poll out Thursday says that, among other things, the brand associated with the Conservative Party of

Little Movement in Party Support; Conservatives Lead Liberals by 11 points

A new Abacus Data National Poll finds that although there has been little change in overall vote preference numbers, the Conservatives have widened their lead over the Liberals to 11-points. The Conservatives dominate the opposition parties among Canadians aged 45 and over, and have large leads in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and in British Columbia.  In

Ethical oil or an environmental disaster? Neither, it’s about the economy, stupid

In a fragile economy, support for the oil sands is not about ethical oil but simple economics. By DAVID COLETTO Originally appeared in the The Hill Times on December 6, 2010 OTTAWA—We have all heard stories about the environmental disaster that is the Alberta oil sands: the toxic tailing ponds, killed flocks of ducks, and

Watch Now: Abacus Data National Poll on CPAC’s PrimeTime Politics

Abacus Data’s CEO appears on PrimeTime Politics with Peter Van Dusen to discuss the findings of a recent survey on the economy and the federal government’s stimulus plan.

Canadians Willing to Spend More for Socially Responsible Products

A new Abacus Data National Poll sponsored by the Corporate and Community Social Responsibility Conference at Algonquin College on November 16, 2010 finds that a majority of Canadians are willing to pay more for a product that comes from a socially responsible company.  About one in two Canadians said they knew what CSR means and

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