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After a summer of one embarrassing Senate scandal after another, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are likely to take whatever little good news they can find these days.And, in the latest survey provided exclusively to QMI Agency by Abacus Data, there is, in fact, the tiniest nugget of good news for the ruling Conservatives: The slide has stopped.

As the summer season ends, Abacus’ regular online survey of voting intentions finds the Harper’s Tories have edged up two points to be in a tie with Justin Trudeau’s Liberals as the favourite of 23% of the 1,600 people surveyed by Abacus between Aug. 30 and Sept. 4. Abacus found 21% would vote NDP and more than one in five or 22% were undecided.

Looking only at committed voters, Abacus finds a similar three-way knot with the Tories at 30% of committed voter support followed by the Liberals at 29% and Thomas Mulcair’s NDP at 27%.

Tory support has been on a steady decline since the Conservatives won 40% of the popular vote in the 2011 election and had slumped sharply since April.

Both the Liberals and New Democrats held steady over the summer.

“The Conservatives have been able to mitigate some bad press this summer, keeping a lid on Liberal momentum and maintaining their tie for the lead,” said Abacus CEO David Coletto. “For now, no party has emerged as the obvious front-runner among the three largest national parties coming out of the summer. The Liberal surge is holding but has stalled, the Tory drop has stopped, and the NDP is holding onto large pockets of support in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia.”

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