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— Abacus Data is known for their public affairs research, political polls and 31-year-young CEO, but are quickly becoming known by fortune 500’s for their ground-breaking consumer research solutions —

Sean Copeland

Sean Copeland joins the team at market research firm Abacus Data

Toronto, ON (May 7, 2013) – Abacus Data Inc, one of Canada’s leading market research firms, today announces the appointment of Sean Copeland as Director of Consumer Research in the Toronto office, effective immediately.

Before joining Abacus Data, Sean had gained critical industry experience at several prominent market research firms in Canada, including R.A. Malatest & Associates, Ipsos Reid and Environics Research Group. He also obtained his Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) designation from the MRIA in 2011, just two years after graduating from the Research Analyst Post-graduate Program (RAPP) at Georgian College.

“We were looking for a research professional with the experience and passion to lead our revolutionary consumer insights division,” says David Coletto, CEO of Abacus Data. “Sean is changing the way we gain insights into why and how consumers interact with different brands. He will also complement the boundary pushing research we already do in the public affairs sectors.”

From stuffed toys to revolutionary research methods:
In order to provide one-of-a-kind solutions for Abacus Data’s clients, Sean Copeland has built partnerships with some of the most leading-edge research technology companies from around the world, including:

  • Ottawa-based social media analysis company Girih
  • Toronto-based content marketing management company SqueezeCMM
  • Australia-based geodemographic solutions company RDA Research
  • Buenos Aires-based retail shopper behaviour company Shopperception

“My father, an industrial designer and small business owner, fostered my innovative and entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age. From selling Beanie Babies on eBay at age 12, to managing my own student rental property at age 17, my friends and family aren’t surprised that at age 28 I want to help David Coletto create the most revolutionary insight and strategy firm in Canada,” says Sean Copeland.

They are not your great-grandfather’s abacus:
With the additional of Sean to the research team at Abacus Data, the firm now offers clients the ability to:

  • passively interpret shoppers’ real behaviours at the shelf level in retail stores
  • analyze eye movements with digital menu boards in quick service & fast casual restaurants
  • measure omni-channel marketing campaign conversions in the travel & tourism industry
  • predict future trends with social media analysis to then inform marketing, advertising or public relations campaigns
  • translate audience facial movements into measured emotions toward advertisements
  • provide consumer values through person-level geosegmentation using only a postal code and age group

Copeland continues, “My grandmother made it official, Survey Monkey is a household brand name. This to me indicates that the survey industry is at maturity in its ‘product lifecycle’ and, in order to thrive, we must be agile and completely revolutionize consumer research in Canada.”

“Sean understands that the future of consumer research is not through surveys or focus groups, but through technology,” says Coletto. “Current and future clients will gain an edge over their competitors because of the insights Sean will deliver to them.”


About Abacus Data
Abacus Data is a revolutionary insight and strategy firm where we utilize the smartest technology and expertise to help organizations effectively understand and connect with those they serve. We have offices centrally located in both Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario. Our areas of proficiency include market and consumer insights, corporate and public affairs research, business strategy and implementation, and the Canadian Millennial generation (or Generation Y). As a full-service firm consisting of forward-thinking research professionals, we are ideal partners for organizations looking to uncover and act on insights as a meaningful part of their long-term business process management. For more information about Abacus Data, please visit our website at https://www.abacusdata.ca or read our stories at http://www.abacusinsider.com.

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For more information, please contact:
Sean Copeland, CMRP / David Coletto, PhD
Abacus Data Inc.
647-269-5085 / 613-232-2806
sean@abacusdata.ca / david@abacusdata.ca
Twitter: Copeland1985 / ColettoD

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