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Engaging and Insightful Presentations

Abacus Data's CEO, David Coletto,  has spoken to a dozens of national, regional, and local audiences on what generational change means for businesses, associations, and charities.  He brings an engaging, interactive approach to speaking  engagements using original data and insights as a Millennial.

My approach to presenting is to enlighten, engage, and entertain but in a way that is respectful.  Too often, presentations about Millennials or generational change are condescending and sometimes insulting.  I bring a Millennial's perspective along with a research driven, data rich presentation.
- David Coletto

For your next conference or meeting, book David to speak to your audience or contract him to design unique workshops and learning sessions for conferences or retreats.

David is now booking for 2017.   Spots are filling up fast so don't delay, get in touch directly with David at david@abacusdata.ca.

Here is a sample of what David's talk can addresses.  He sat down with Air Miles for Small Business last year.


Canadian Millennials - As an expert on and a member of the Millennial Generation, David Coletto takes the audience through a data-driven investigation of who this emerging generation is, what is different about it, and how organizations and brands can engage and empower it.

Federal Political Environment - Using Abacus Data's own research and insights, David Coletto assesses and analyzes the current federal political environment for your audience.

Mood of Canada - Using original research, David Coletto uncovers the current state of the Canadian public by looking at shifting attitudes and opinions and explaining how they may impacting business, politics, and society as a whole.

Public Opinion Research - As an adjunct professor at Carleton University, David can design workshops and interactive learning sessions for associations and organizations on the use and conduct of public opinion research.

Political Marketing -  The presentation involves an introduction to the Canadian political environment and an in-depth look at how political parties, governments, and advocacy groups can use political marketing strategies to achieve outcomes.

Recent Speaking Engagements

April 2016 - Canada West Ski Areas Conference - Canadian Millennials and Hospitality - Whistler, BC.

January 2016 - University of Manitoba - Canadian Public Opinion: What we learned from 2015 and what it means going forward

November 2015 - Site Canada - Canadian Millennials and Incentive Travel: Who to engage with Canada's emerging workforce.

November 2015 - PLR Expo 2015 - Property Loss Restoration and a changing workforce: The Millennials are here.  Are you ready?

August 2015 - Clintar Landscapers - What generational change means for B2B sales.

June 2015 - BC Association of Trades and Technical Administrators - Meet the Millennials: What generational change means for the trades and trades education.

December 2014 - Calgary Police Services: Millennials in Canada and what it means for law enforcement.

December 2014 - Universities Canada - Meet the Millennials.  Why we are different and what it means for post-secondary education in Canada.

April 2013 - The Canadian Institute - Government Relations and Effective Lobbying

February 2013 - Conference Board of Canada - Public Sector HR 2013:  Transforming HR for a Changing Workplace with Vanessa Judelman from Mosaic People Development

November 2012 - International Association of Fire Fighters - Polling 101

November 2012 - City of Toronto Treasurer's Office Retreat - Millennials and City Government: The Changing Resident

November 2012 - Corporate and Community Social Responsibility Conference - Harnessing the Power of the Millennial Generation

June 2012 - Canadian Co-operative Association Congress - Panel on perceptions of co-operatives from outside the co-operative sector

May 2012 - Canadian Conference for Credit Union Leaders - The Canadian Mosaic Continues To Change

November 2011 - Association of Power Producers of Ontario - The APPrO political issues panel

November 2011 - Public Affairs Association of Canada - Defending Political Polls

November 2011 - Credit Union Central of Canada Lobby Day - The Federal Political Environment

September 2011 - Marketing Research and Intelligence Association - Mini-Conference & Networking: The 2011 Federal Election - The 2011 Federal Election, Through the eyes of Canadian Millennials Voters



The leaders and innovators of the future will be organizations that connect with Millennials.

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