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Introducing the Canadian Millennial Report

Abacus Data is pleased to offer Canada’s first comprehensive syndicated bi-annual study of Canadian Millennials - The Canadian Millennial Report.

While previous studies focus on Canadian youth, our studies track this key generation over time; capturing changes in attitudes and behaviour by tracking responses to important issues.

Learn more about the study here.

Where to Start

Millennials are a diverse, complex, and influential  generation. Gain a better understanding of them by reading our definitive Millennial study "R U Ready 4 Us"?


What We Study

Whether studying Canadian Millennial attitudes towards their job, the newest technology, social media, or politics, Abacus Data brings a fresh, unconventional, Millennial curiosity to research.

We invite visitors to review our studies and engage us in exploring their relevance to their business.

Our research covers three broad subject areas.

The Millennial Consumer



We expect a lot from the brands we buy and are loyal to. They must reflect who were are as individuals and allow us to project ourselves to the world. These expectations, shaped by our upbringing and media use, mean we like brands that are authentic, aspirational, align with our values, and connect with us online.


The Millennial Employee



Most non-Millennial Canadians believe we have a different attitude than they do when it comes to work responsibilities. And guess what? We do. But we also value a good salary, a dynamic team environment, and the ability to balance life and work together.



The Millennial Citizen



Everyone knows we are less likely to vote and be interested in politics. But as citizens, we still hold strong opinions about the kind of country we want to live in. We value consensus, cooperation, community, and personal liberty to live our lives the way we want.


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Research Archive

Below you will find a selection of free reports prepared by the Canadian Millennials team.  The research is original and all the survey work was conducted by the team at Abacus Data.


National Survey of Millennials for the Canadian Council of Chief Executives
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Abacus Data was commissioned by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives to conduct a survey of Canadians aged 18 to 35.

The details of the report can be found over at the Abacus Data website - Details Here

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