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The Stampeder likes to be the centre of it all and are ready to go after life’s challenges. He is athletic, outgoing, adventurous and cultured. 

Stampeders are a unique male segment. They like to be in the centre of it all and their friends would describe them to be outgoing, athletic, stylish, cultured and adventurous. In fact, Stampeders are really the female mirror of the Fireflies. They like to party, play videogames and watch sports. This group is creative, eco-conscious and aware of new technology. While they are focused on their career right now they don’t mind living at home until they can afford a place of their own. Stampeders are confident of themselves in most things and, for example, most believe that they would do better than average in a fist fight.

Stampeders like to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. They are not necessarily the best at everything but they are defined by their strengths. And although Stampeders may seem threatening to their peers, they are well liked among people in their networks who know them.

Stampeders know how to get what they want and are willing to work hard to reach their goals, but they try to stay well rounded and not lose touch with reality. Stampeders value their good relationships with their family and friends. They recognize that their connections are integral to their success and they will dress and act the part to get where they need to go, but they will never forget where they came from.

This group is usually open to new ideas and tries to stay on top of the newest things. While there is an element of wanting to be seen as cool among their peers, mostly Stampeders just want to be in-the-know, and to be a part of the discussion. They don’t want to be left out or left behind.

The Stampeders make up only one in ten of Canadian Millennials. Among this completely male group about one in five Stampeders are French Canadian. They like to go to the gym, visit the casino, and play poker.

The Stampeders are more concerned about finding a job where they can make a high salary and have a good living. This group is not only concerned about getting into the industry they want, they are concerned about getting ahead. This group wants to be taken seriously while others just want to figure out how they fit in, these young men want to make an impact on the world.

A good tool for the Stampeders: The Right Shoes – those feet are going to take them wherever they need to go and they need to be taken seriously. If Stampeders are confident and prepared (for work, for the big game or for whatever else) they will succeed.

Where would the Stampeders most like to be? Stampeders want to be in the spotlight. If they are at the top of their game on the basketball court, they are  going to be uncomfortable anywhere else. If they aren’t shining they would rather just be at home with their family that loves them doing the same old stuff they love to do.



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