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The Spark is conscious, creative and independent. She is happy taking in life at her own pace and wants to have a positive impact.

Sparks are eco-conscious, creative and want to make a difference. They tend to be more shy than outgoing. They value having free time and like being in the city where they can be close to everything. Most Sparks are working part-time jobs just to get them by and aren’t driven by career success right now. On a Saturday evening, Sparks would rather have a quiet night in than go out to a party.

The sparks are willing to take things at a slower pace and try to enjoy just being where they are. They are not rushing to be something different or to prove themselves. However they are always interested in learning more about the world that they are not regularly exposed to. They would be interested in travelling abroad to learn about the world and see new things from a different perspective.

When these millennials make a decision or take a stance they have invested a lot of energy into making sure this is something they really believe in and have challenged themselves about why. They need to have as much information as possible before deciding their opinion for sure. They have a clear moral code for what is right and what is wrong and this guides them strictly.

They will share their own perspectives, through photos, music, quotes, art or in essays. And will take care to express themselves through their clothes, the way they carry themselves and interact with people. However they will not demand or even expect others to necessarily take on the same opinions as them and they certainly are not pushy.

Sparks make up 20% of Canadian Millennials and about two in three are female. This group is made up predominantly of Millennials with a European background. Many Sparks would be happy to return to school as soon as possible and many have not set a clear career course yet.

This group struggles to fit into a society structured by another generation. It is difficult for Sparks to adopt the typical nine to five work, office culture. They strive to find a job where they can express themselves and fulfill their own personal ambitions while still finding time to enjoy themselves and do the things they like to do. This group struggles after leaving home in “learning to live with less.” The cost of living affects many people in this group who work in minimum-wage jobs and struggle to succeed in a competitive employment market.

A good tool for the Spark: A Camera – for the Spark, photos help them show their own viewpoint without offending. They could capture the beauty they see around them, share it and post it up around their home later so they could be surrounded by pretty pictures.

Where would the Sparks most like to be? Though they may often be introverts Sparks like to be in a shared space like a park, a market or a public library where they can get out of their room or apartment, access culture and challenge their own assumptions about people, place or meaning.

Good Decisions Require Good Data.