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The Simple Lifer is easy-going and comfortable. The Simple Lifer is content with an uncomplicated routine.

Simple Lifers have worked to get where they are. They are content working for a large company and hope to own a comfortable home someday in the suburbs. These Millennials like to wear nice but functional clothing and drive nice but functional cars. Most Simple Lifers do not consider themselves eco-conscious or creative, in their free time they prefer to kick back and watch a sports game.

They have financial independence as their focus and are guided by their down to earth rationality. They like to keep it simple; if they can avoid the crowds and stick to their own usual routine they’re happy.

For them hanging out with their friends after work or on the weekend is their favourite. But they are definitely interested in getting out of town for a worthwhile event like a hockey game in a city south of the border.

This group knows quality when they see it and they will consider any available information from their friends and the public when making decisions. While they are aware of popular trends, they won’t change their entire wardrobe just because that is what ‘everyone else’ is wearing. They have no trouble making purchasing decisions based on a balance of price and functionality.

Simple Lifers have a good head on their shoulders and they won’t question their guiding morals. They are aware of current events but they won’t necessarily share their specific viewpoints on an issue.

Simple Lifers make up about 20% of Canadian Millennials. This has the most even gender split with about 50% male and 50% female. Most Simple Lifers have either a university degree or attended college while about a third are currently enrolled in university. Relatively few Simple Lifers would like to return to school for more education. They are more likely than any other group to be sick of school and think that more school will not improve their personal situation.

Many people in this group have a hard time leveraging their skills in the job market. This is a barrier for many younger Simple Lifers who struggle to leave the nest and start a life of their own. Older members of this group see their future (like public/private pensions) as being threatened by poor management and greedy financial/government institutions. This group sees reliance on technology as a key issue for their generation.

A good tool for Simple Lifers: Simple Lifers would like a really big, really high quality TV. This isn’t a selfish request, this is a well-calculated addition to their home.  For them this is something that they can share with all of their friends and when they visit and it will ensure a good time had by all.

Where would a Simple Lifer most like to be? Watching a hockey game or having dinner with friends. This is their home turf and being with their favourite people is when the Simple Lifer is in their element.

Good Decisions Require Good Data.