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The Pacer is connected, independent and confident. He prefers to stay home and stays connected online.

While they may be shy, Pacers know that people look to them for information on technology. They grew up and continue to be important trendsetters for technology and they relish that role. Pacers prefer to congregate with people who have similar interests instead of following the flock to malls and parties. These self-professed “couch potatoes” may prefer to stay home but they are more likely to communicate with people from all over the world through social networks, online groups, and multiplayer videogames online.

Pacers are always working on something, a defining feature is that they want to test their limits and they challenge themselves. Even as couch potatoes, some Pacers may come across as high functioning, though not all have this same trait. Others can be more relaxed and easy going.

They are known for being smart and their strengths have always been valued. The people in this group are not alternatives. They are very connected and they are connected to other people who understand them.

If it seems like they don’t care about popular issues, its probably because they are focused on something more advanced, more interesting or more specific to them. Plus, this group can always find the information they are looking for if they need to make a decision later.

Pacers have strong morals that they inherit from their family, unless they have found a reason to challenge their parents they have adopted these same stances, thought they won’t necessarily be concerned by them like their parents were.

Pacers make about 15% of Canadian Millennials and a majority of them are male. Pacers are more likely to have at least one immigrant parent than other segments with about one in three Pacers having both parents born outside of Canada. Few Pacers are interested in returning to school anytime soon. However about three in ten would consider returning after they gain some work experience.

Pacers are more concerned with getting the education necessary to get a good job. Older Pacers say they struggle in getting in everything they need to do at work while balancing their life at home. The Pacers seek to find balance in their work between innovation and traditional values. It is important for all Pacers to find a job that will support their interests, match their abilities and maintain a work-life balance. This group also sees the ability to connect outside of social media and digital communications as a concern for their generation.

A good tool for the Pacers: Coffee or an energy drink (something that can supply them with more time and more focus – because with this they can do anything).

Where would the Pacers most like to be? Honestly, this doesn’t matter – they could be in their parent’s basement or in a cave in the desert as long as they have access to connection. And if they are going to go out they would like it to be somewhere that feels classy.

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