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The Firefly lights up the night. She is active, spontaneous and carefree. She wants to have fun with her bffs and do good for the world.

Fireflies like to go out and have a good time. They are adventurous, outgoing and carefree. In fact, the Fireflies are almost the female mirror of the Stampeders. Driven by spontaneity they don’t usually make plans in advance. Whether they are in the gym or outdoors most Fireflies like to be active. Despite their wild ways, they hope to make a difference in the world someday.

This group most highly values their inner networks, “their favourites” – whether that may be their older sister, their best friends or even their parents. They want to do what is best and make the right decisions. Fireflies want to take the opportunities that are given to them. They want to actually do things. And if they have the tools to do them, they’ll grab some friends and just go and do it.

They want to stay in the know and they want to stay up to date. They are also seeking tools to help them have fun. Connecting and being involved with their favourites on a regular basis is really important to this group.

They are friendly and they will use their social power to make sure that everyone is included, they don’t want to see anybody be isolated if they can help it. They want to work together with their friends and peers, but they won’t do something that they believe is wrong.

Because they care for and consult their networks they try to stay out of the wrong crowds and try to avoid spending time with people they don’t trust. For these guys if there is no drama then they can have an awesome, chill time.

Fireflies make up about 20% of Canadian Millennials and this group is primarily female.

This group struggles to find their independence and start a life on their own outside of their parent’s home. They are concerned with the pressure to do it all, pay off student loans, find a stable job, and purchase a house or car. This group can get frustrated when they don’t see results right away. When the fireflies do move into the workplace they have difficulty connecting with older generations and can feel disconnected and misunderstood.

A good tool for the Firefly: A Snowboard – something that can keep them occupied and active and something they can enjoy while getting away from their boring daily routine of work or school.

Where would the Firefly would most like to be? On a night out with their favourites! The Firefly is happiest when they are surrounded by their most trusted friends. If its Martini Night, or a week long trip to Vegas that’s where they’ll be having the most fun.

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