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The Achiever knows what they want and is willing to go after it. They are outgoing, stylish, active and aware.

The achievers strive to do everything with their best effort. They want to be at the top of their class, they want to be the top of their field, they want to give it their all on the sports field and they want to read all the books for their book club (although they don’t always have the time). This group has the whole package, they dress for success, they try to stay up on the latest trends, and while they know their limitations they are willing to work with others to find the resources or support they need.

For this group actions and positions are important to help them set themselves apart from the rest. They are driven by success and this group always seems to be ahead. They like to stay on top of what is going on around them and they want to make a positive difference. This group will keep others updated on what is important to them by posting about their activities, and sharing information about topics of interest to them. They are willing to offer help and suggestions to their friends and networks about opportunities they see or other interesting things they think someone might want to check out.

The achievers are more family oriented at this stage than many of their peers. Family is important to them. They try to maintain good relationships with their own family and they hope to raise a family of their own someday.

These go-getters want it all. While Achievers are outgoing, adventurous and willing to try new things they are not normally described as carefree or relaxed. In fact, many would consider them a little up-tight. Achievers identify themselves as stylish, cultured and eco-conscious. They like to stay physically active but few seek them out for advice on what is the best new app available for their iPhone.

The Achievers make up about 20% of Canadian Millennials. This group is mostly female with only about one in ten Achievers being men. About one in two Achievers are currently enrolled in either university or college. About one in three Achievers plan to return to school for more education as soon as possible.

For Achievers finding meaningful employment that compliments the skills they have gained through post-secondary education is a key concern. Many of the upper level positions that this group seeks are taken up by the baby boomers and they see this as a barrier to their professional development. As first-time home buyers, those in this group who have moved past the student life-stage are concerned about the housing market. This group is concerned about finding stability and being able to live a life as comfortable as their parents had.

A good tool for the Achiever: An Agenda – this way they can schedule in every possible activity and maximize all the time they have, while making sure they spend time with their friends, walk their dog and make it home for Sunday supper. As long as they are organized they make it all happen, but if they don’t write it down, its probably not happening.

Where would the Achiever most like to be? If you gave them a day to do whatever they wanted, they would probably take the time to relax at home and catch up on sleep, their favourite show and good book they’ve been meaning to read. And maybe go for a run too – oh, and call their mom.

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