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A report from Fleishman-Hillard and Hearst (Jan. 24, 2012) found that Millennial women are ideal brand advocates, as they are likely to broadcast positive shopping experiences they have across the web. Moreover, internet marketers must remember the growth of forums for user-generated content places an especially high premium on good service, since Millennial women are likely to discuss negative experiences as well.

Almost as important as how she makes purchase decisions is who she tells before and after the sale. In 2011, more than 50 percent of women surveyed claimed to regularly influence friends and family to buy or not buy a product or service. In 2008 that number was only 31 percent. Research also showed that women use their growing social interaction and influence in a positive manner. According to the study, women are using all of the communications tools in their arsenal, hoping that collaboration will result in a better decision, for herself and those she connects with.

  • 33 percent had recommended a product or service in the past six months; while 19 percent recommended that someone not buy a specific product or service.

Social networking channels play large and growing roles in the expansion of a woman’s networks and in her everyday life. In less than 12 months, the number of brands a woman follows on Facebook has increased by 12 percent. In addition, the study found:

  • 73 percent of women now use Facebook, compared to 65 percent in January 2010
  • The average respondent reported having 187 friends, compared to 130 friends in 2010
  • 65 percent of women are a friend/fan of a company, brand or product on Facebook, compared to 52 percent of men

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