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By Brad Tuttle

Time Magazine
March 8, 2013

Most hotels are marketed to a specific group: travelers. Not Baby Boomer travelers or Gen X travelers or millennial travelers—but all travelers. But a new hotel brand called Moxy has been specifically “designed to capture the rapidly emerging millennial traveler.”

This week, hotel giant Marriott announced that it was partnering with the Swedish furniture maker IKEA to create a new brand called Moxy Hotels. The first location will open near Milan’s Malpensa airport in early 2014, and the plan is for roughly 150 Moxy properties to be launched all over Europe during the next 10 years.

The fact that a famed furniture company is involved in the venture has raised eyebrows. (And no, the hotels won’t be packed with IKEA bed frames, book cases, and other merchandise.) It’s also noteworthy that the brand is being aimed at a specific age group:

Designed to capture the rapidly emerging millennial traveler, the new brand combines contemporary stylish design, approachable service and, most importantly, an affordable price.

In other words, if you’re old, this probably isn’t the place for you. Moxy properties won’t be checking IDs or posting an age maximum or anything. In fact, in the press release announcing the brand, a Marriott executive clarifies that Moxy was created for “the next generation traveler, not only Gen X and Y but people with a younger sensibility.”

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