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OTTAWA — Despite a steady barrage of Conservative radio ads attacking Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau over the past several months, Trudeau’s party is maintaining a healthy lead in the polls over both its major rivals.

The latest Abacus Data federal vote intention poll, provided exclusively to QMI Agency, shows the Liberals enjoy the support of 34% of committed voters, compared to 28% for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and 23% for Thomas Mulcair’s NDP.

Looking at the results for all 1,249 respondents, including those whose commitment to vote is less strong, 27% said they’d vote Liberal, 22% said Conservative, 18% said NDP, 11% chose other parties and 22% were undecided.

The poll was conducted Feb. 20-23, just after the Liberals wrapped their biennial policy convention in Montreal, and the results are virtually unchanged from the last Abacus vote intention poll taken in mid-January.

The Conservatives have had a long-running radio campaign in several major markets attacking Trudeau for his stand in favour of legalizing marijuana and over his fitness to manage the economy. The party has since placed a new series of anti-Trudeau ads on television.

Liberal and Conservative support varies considerably from region to region while NDP support is relatively constant across the country.

The Liberals are the most popular party in B.C. (34%), Ontario (41%), and Atlantic Canada (51%). The Conservatives lead in Alberta (59%), and in Saskatchewan and Manitoba (45%).

New Democrat support is strongest in Quebec at 28%, just behind the leaderless Bloc Quebecois at 29% but ahead of the Liberals (25%) and Conservatives (13%). New Democrat support is weakest in Alberta at 17%.

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