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By: Rob Carrick
The Globe and Mail
Feb. 27, 2013

There’s no happy ending yet for the 29-year-old who lit up our website last spring with the story of his difficulties finding a job.

To quickly catch up, he recently turned 30. And while he’s been working away at contract jobs in recent months, he has yet to find the full-time position he’s seeking. It’s no less tough out there today for young adults trying to build their careers, he’d tell you.

This young man sent me a long and articulate e-mail after reading a May 7 column I wrote on how today’s college and university graduates have it tougher than I did when I graduated in the mid-1980s.

We published the letter in full on our website and a massive number of people read it and responded with comments and e-mails. Then, earlier this month, the story surged again online after being discussed on the website Reddit.

It was then that I decided to check in with the author of the letter to see how he’s doing. Here’s an edited transcript of our conversation (he asked that his name not be used):

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