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By: John Doyle
The Globe and Mail
July 29, 2013

If you get me started on millennials and television, I can go on and on. So let’s get started.

Sean Combs came here the other day and made a pitch to TV critics, a passionate speech that included some definitive statements about television, youth and media. He was talking mainly about millennials.

The point of the visit by the music and clothing mogul, sometimes known as Puff Daddy or P. Diddy, was to alert us to the looming launch in the United States of his new cable channel, Revolt TV. Absent was the swagger of Combs the hip-hop god and very much present was Combs the salesman. He worked the room, shaking hands and introducing himself personally to dozens of critics. Then he declared, “My mission is to bring kids back to television.” In a speech that was a curious mix of humility and bravado, he boasted, “When young people disengaged from TV and cable, people didn’t understand it. But I understood it.”

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