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Abacus Data is pleased to offer Canada’s first comprehensive syndicated bi-annual study of Canadian Millennials – The Canadian Millennial Report.

While previous studies focus on Canadian youth, our studies track this key generation over time; capturing changes in attitudes and behaviour by tracking responses to important issues.

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Core Subject Areas

Each report will delve into different themes that correspond to subscriber interests and input, allowing significant flexibility with our service. Specific study areas will include but are not limited to:

Communication. The study will track the use of telecommunication services (TV, mobile, internet) as well as device ownership, social media use, and OTT streaming services.

Media Consumption. The study will examine where and how Millennials get their news about current affairs so that subscribers understand how to inform and engage them.

State of mind.  The study will explore the state of mind of the generation including their satisfaction with life, what they are optimistic about, what they worry about, and what their top personal priorities and concerns are.

Public Policy Priorities. The study will track the specific policy priorities of the generation. It will provide a comprehensive look at policy priorities around employment and training, housing, the environment, climate change and energy policy, tax policy, health policy, energy policy, and justice issues.

Reactions to Policy Initiatives. The study will also measure Millennials’ reactions to the policy initiative areas identified above and alternatives, as well as the effectiveness of government programs and services and communications.

Financials & Housing. Housing affordability, employment stability, and family finances are key issues for this generation. The study will track perceptions about these issues and focus on the demographic and regional differences in responses.

Perceptions on Economy.  The study will explore how Millennials feel about the current and future economic circumstances

Sample Plan

Canadian Millennial Report surveys a nationally representative sample of Canadian Millennials between the ages of 16 and 35. A total of 2,000 young Canadians will be surveyed as part of this study.

The proposed regional breakdown for the sample is:

[table id=1 /]

The proposed breakdown between the age groups for the first study is detailed below. Future studies will shift the age range to align with the Millennial cohort’s 1980 to 2000 birth years.

[table id=2 /]

Contact Us

For more information on how to subscribe, please contact us at:

Abacus Data Inc.

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Ottawa, ON
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T: 613-232-2806
Toll free: 888-757-1119

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