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How do Canadians share and consider information about public affairs?

For a second year, FullDuplex.ca and Abacus Data partnered to explore how Canadians are using the Internet to gather and process current events, which sources of information they rely upon to arrive at considered opinions, and how they participate online in a variety of political, advocacy, and charity campaigns.

This report will be of interest to advocacy groups and associations, corporations engaged in public affairs campaigns, government relations firms, and other Canadians interested in understanding the role the Internet and social media in particular plays in the public affairs conversation in Canada.

Visit http://mattersofopinion.ca/ to download the report.

In the report you will find analysis of a national survey conducted by Abacus Data and FullDuplex.ca of 1,000 Canadians aged 18 and over as well as a survey of 264 engaged Canadians recruited through Facebook and Twitter.

We also included a special section on analysis of who 50 of Canada’s most prominent public affairs journalists follow – including the most followed blogger, public affairs professional, pollster, and federal politicians.

MOO-2014-canadians vs engaged 2

From the report – how frequently Canadians and engaged Canadians interact with different groups online.

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