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By: Katherine Wintsch
Huffington Post
May 28, 2013

The old childhood cadence is familiar: “Sally and Johnny sitting in tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g…”

For generations, the path to domestic bliss was pretty clearly mapped out for young women. Study hard, go to college, fall in love and get married. Check, check, check, check. Next up, buy a house in the ‘burbs, get pregnant (twice) and go back to work when the kids start school. Then, at 62, retire and become the world’s best grandmother.

And then came the Millennials, the generation between the ages of 18 and 33 that’s taken upon itself to rewrite the book on finding fulfillment. In this new version, the only “right” path is the one that leads to happiness.

Millennials are not only changing what constitutes family, they’re shifting popular opinion. More than four in five Millennials say that two parents (married or unmarried, gay or straight) constitute a family. To these moms, the nuclear family is becoming more of the exception than the rule.

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