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Public anger at Shawn Graham’s botched attempt to sell NewBrunswick’s power utility is driving opposition support, a new poll suggests.

The Abacus Data Poll, done over the weekend, shows that public outrage that flared at the time remains a powerful political undercurrent among New Brunswickers, who are preparing to vote on Sept. 27.

“The failed deal seems to be driving Tory voters,” Abacus Data Inc .CEO David Coletto said Monday, noting that the overall numbers remain close. “It’s becoming an issue in an already divided electorate that could push one party, the Tories, to victory.”

The poll found that 38 per cent of respondents were opposed to selling NB Power to Hydro-Quebec and said the failed deal was important to their vote. The Progressive Conservatives were the beneficiary of engagement on the issue – 55 per cent of those who both opposed the deal and said it would impact their vote were supporting the Tories… read more.

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