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For Ipsos-Reid President Darrell Bricker, whose firm had the Liberals ahead by 10 points, there was some ribbing on election night.

Sun News correspondent David Akin pointed out the numbers of his media outlet’s pollster, Abacus Data.

“Final Abacus poll: LP 37 PC 34 NDP 24; actual results at 2302: LP 37 PC 35 NDP 23 Over to you @DarrellBricker,” Mr. Akin wrote on Twitter.

“Congrats to David. We said it was close to a majority, that’s what it was. End of story,” Mr. Bricker tweeted back.

In an interview, Mr. Bricker said it was more important his firm was correct in predicting that the Liberals would get a minority and be close to a majority.

“We get into these silly games about claiming we’re the most accurate. When you look at the numbers overall, the industry actually did pretty well,” Mr. Bricker said.

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