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By: Aneil Mishra
July 04, 2013

Only 30% of employees are motivated at work, and that is up from 28% in 2010.  About half are disengaged, don’t really care if they are “there” or not, and the rest are actively disengaged, resulting in lost productivity and other costs to the organization, like turnover.  Which category do you fit into?

If work is so depressing, what’s going on? Aren’t we enjoying those great new perks companies are offering, like pool tables and beer at work? Don’t those make it more fun to be there? Actually, in our recent article on cool cultures, we noted that it is not the perks that make work motivating, but the culture that is created: the tone that is set, the way that employees are empowered to make positive contributions, allowing employees to share in the earnings of the company, helping employees contribute to the community, and having a boss that remembers your birthday and appreciates the contributions that you make to the organization.

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