Perry Tsergas

Perry is President and CEO of spark*advocacy.

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In today’s world the stories we tell are more important than ever. They need to be more compelling, more relevant, more frequent. They must compete with and cut through 24-hour news cycles with fast scrawling chyrons, too many social media platforms to keep up with, and a pace of life that only seems to get faster with each passing year.

I was lucky enough to work in Canadian politics for many years; for Ministers, Members of
Parliament, on numerous election campaigns, and on a wide range of policy issues and
initiatives. It gave me a wealth of experience and insight into communications and public
policy, the people who shape it, and how people are shaped by it.

Since 2011 I’ve worked in public affairs communications and advertising, helping a diversity of
clients to tell their stories, in new and innovative ways. Sometimes to a niche audience,
sometimes to millions of people across our country. I help clients figure out what success looks
like, who can help them achieve it, and how to inform, educate, persuade, impress, and
astonish in order to make it happen.

At spark*advocacy — an Ottawa-based, boutique advertising agency specializing in public
affairs communications and campaigns — we work with associations, coalitions, charities, non-
governmental organizations, corporations and brands to help them to figure out how to tell their
stories, find their audiences, and work towards advancing their agendas.