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David Coletto

David is one of the Founding Partners and CEO of Abacus Data.

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Infinitely curious, passionate, and eternally optimistic—these are just a few words to describe David Coletto, the founder, Chair, and CEO of Abacus Data. With a career spanning over two decades, David has devoted his life to exploring what people think and feel about their work, their lives, and their politics. He believes that understanding what motivates and informs people’s worldview, we can create a more understanding, empathetic, and action-driven world.

David is one of Canada’s best known and most respected public opinion analysts, pollsters, and social researchers. He works with some of North America’s biggest and most respected brands, associations, and unions and is frequently called upon by news organizations to assess public opinion as events happen.

“Coletto is the CEO of Abacus Data, and in my opinion the best pollster in the country…He has a knack for knowing exactly what people want and respond to.” – Ottawa Citizen, October 28, 2022

Earning a PhD in Political Science from the University of Calgary in 2010, David is an expert on survey research methodology, voting behaviour, and the intersection of public opinion and public policy. He is a professor in the Graduate Program of Political Management at Carleton University where he teaches courses in polling, political marketing, and designing public affairs strategies.

Outside of Abacus, David is also involved in his community. He’s a member of the Board of Directors of the Ottawa Board of Trade and Ottawa Riverkeeper and on the policy committee of Imagine Canada.

Obsessed with all things cycling, David brings his bike anywhere he can, exploring the landscape, food, and people of places all around the world. He is also active and a sponsor of Canada’s only professional cycling team Toronto Hustle.

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After the leaders’ debate last Thursday, we launched our second last survey of the campaign to gauge what impact the debate and campaign may be having on voting intentions. The survey was conducted from May 19 to 22, 2023, and surveyed 1,507 eligible voters in Alberta online. In this report,…