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Yesterday we released some new data on the willingness of Canadians to run for public office as a follow up to Bruce’s column in  the Globe and Mail.  We noted a fairly large difference between the motivations of men and women.

We received a lot of positive feedback about the research and some follow up questions.

A few individuals wanted to know whether gap between men and women in motivation to run for office persists across age groups.

The short answer, cautioning we are dealing with smaller sample sizes, is yes.

There is little variation in the gender gap between younger Canadians and older Canadians.  In fact, the gap is somewhat larger among younger respondents than older ones – 15 points among those aged 18 to 29, 20 points among those 30 to 44 compared with 11-points for those aged 45 to 59.  The overall gender gap is 13 among the full sample we interviewed.



While the gender gap persists across age groups, younger women (aged 18 to 29) are more likely to say they might consider running for office than their older counterparts, offering some hope to those wanting to see more women run for the office.



If you have any other questions or are curious about other topics we can conduct research, don’t hesitate to send us a note at info@abacusdata.ca.

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