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By: Hulya Aksu
Huffington Post
May 29, 2013

There’s been a ton of buzz in the media lately about the “Me, Me, Me Generation” of millennials. Tagged as being the most connected, they’re using their constant, real-time plug-in to technology to engage in an impressive social, global citizenship that, sense-of-entitlement be damned, we might want to pay attention to.

The far-reaching connection through an array of social-media platforms has impressive consequences — allowing people both young and old to carry an impact like never before. Outside of revolutionizing movements like the Arab Spring, it enables a teenager in California to prevent the suicide of a New Jersey girl she’s never met outside of following her Tumblr account, or highlights the incredible generosity of a community willing to open their homes to help strangers after a terrorist attack. The seemingly limitless connection is also the catalyst behind Instagram accounts that exist solely to feature a user’s every meal or the ridiculous number of “selfies” taken by teenagers documenting their daily living. What do we make of this?

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