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The members of the Millennial generation represent the future of economic, political, and social life as well as the future of business – they are our future leaders, consumers, agents of change, and hold the key to global prosperity. Restoring and enhancing the reputational capital of business therefore has a twofold importance for todayʼs business leaders – first, to address the decline in trust in business and secondly, to understand and realize the opportunities inherent in the new direction being set by the Millennial generation.

For the second year, Deloitte has commissioned a global Millennial Survey to consider the views of this next generation on business and innovation and the impact both have on society. In addition, Deloitte most recently commissioned a regional, Latin American Generation Y survey.

No one can doubt the importance of innovation in the business world today and its role as a powerful force for change and growth. Our Surveys asks for views on questions such as:

  • What drives organizational innovation?
  • What are the barriers?
  • How can business and innovation kick start growth in the economy?
  • How do you build an innovation culture?

The findings endorse the importance of leadership and innovation and the impact business can have on society. This creates opportunities for business leaders – both individually and collectively – and for the long-term success of their businesses. Today’s leaders need to think very differently about their role and the expectations of business, if we are to capitalize on the opportunities being shaped by the Millennial generation.

Read the report: http://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/global/Documents/About-Deloitte/dttl-crs-millennial-innovation-survey-2013.pdf

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