Election Poll: French Language Debate a Setback for the Conservatives

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest nationwide survey, we asked francophone respondents in Quebec some questions about the leaders’ debate held in French last week. Here’s what we found (based on 373 interviews with francophone respondents in Quebec): A SIZEABLE AUDIENCE FOR THIS DEBATE 14% said they watched the whole debate, 27%

Election Poll: A better week for Trudeau’s Liberals

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto We’ve completed another election survey this week. Here’s a snapshot of what we are seeing: 1. The national race remains tight, but the Liberals are 3-points better positioned than last week, with 35% support, while the Conservatives have dropped a point to 33% (that shift is within the margin

3 in 4 Canadians welcome student marches for climate change

87% would allow their child to march. In the wake of several recent marches for climate action and with mass marches approaching on Friday (September 27), including one in Montreal with climate activist Greta Thunberg, the latest Abacus Data-Clean Energy Canada poll reveals: Across the country, 74% say that marches of students in different parts

Election Poll: A sensational week, yet a tight race remains

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In the days following the bombshell revelations of photographs of Justin Trudeau in blackface we have been polling Canadians on the election and specifically on their reaction to that development. Here’s what our data show. 1. The national race remains very tight, with the Conservatives holding 34% support, the

Introducing the 19% of voters who could decide this election

By David Coletto In Abacus Data’s last political update, I noted that we should not assume that NDP or Green Party voters will vote strategically for the Liberals if it appears the Conservatives and Andrew Scheer appear likely to win the election. To explore this idea in more depth, I returned to the dataset to

Elections begins with a tie but high potential for shifts during the campaign

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto  We completed our latest national survey the day before the official election campaign began. Here’s where things stand at the start of the campaign:  LIBERALS LEAD IN ATLANTIC AND QUEBEC, CONSERVATIVES ON THE PRAIRIES. BC AND ONTARIO ARE TWO HORSE RACES. If an election were held at the time

1 in 2 Canadians say action to reduce emissions is “urgent”

Most say they can and should do more personally. As the country enters an election campaign, the latest Abacus Data – Clean Energy Canada poll reveals that 9 in 10 voters see climate action as important or urgent.  And most people think they both can and should do more personally to help combat the threat.

Extreme weather spurs demand for climate action

GREENLAND MELTING, AMAZON BURNING LATEST SIGNS From hurricanes to melting ice in Greenland, the large majority of Canadians believe that these situations are linked to human- and industrial- caused climate change, and it’s causing them to expect more policy action from governments according to a new poll conducted by Abacus Data with Clean Energy Canada.

Election 2019: A tale of two (or more) races

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto  In our recent national survey of 4,549 Canadians, completed on August 28, we asked our usual political tracking questions.  Here’s what we found:  LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES DEADLOCKED IN POPULAR VOTE  If an election were held at the time of the survey, the Conservatives (34%) and Liberals (33%) would capture

Would you rather work in a unionized or non-unionized job? We asked Canadians.

By David Coletto In our most recent national survey of 2,903 Canadian adults, we asked: “If you had the choice between working in a job that was unionized or not unionized, which would you choose?” Overall, slightly more Canadians would prefer to have a unionized job than one that is not unionized. 42% preferred a

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