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Globe and Mail: Canadians still unfamiliar with NDP leadership contenders, poll shows

By: Jane Taber Originally posted on January 27, 2012 More bad news for the NDP: 40 per cent of Canadians haven’t heard of any of the eight candidates in the leadership race, according to a new online poll. Even worse, 35 per cent of New Democrats could not recognize the candidates running to replace the

Calgary Sun: Northern Gateway backers have upper hand: Poll

BY DANIEL PROUSSALIDIS ,PARLIAMENTARY BUREAU OTTAWA  – Despite years of anti-oilsands campaigns, a new poll has found Canadians are more likely to support than oppose Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline proposal. An Abacus Data poll exclusively for QMI Agency has found 38% of those asked supported the pipeline that would link Alberta’s oilsands and a tanker terminal in

Toronto Sun: Merry Christmas OK with Canadians: poll

BY JESSICA MURPHY ,PARLIAMENTARY BUREAU OTTAWA – Merry Christmas! At least, that’s what you’re likely to hear from fellow Canadians in the coming weeks, according to a new poll. An overwhelming majority of people across Canada – 76% – are more likely to use that greeting instead of the generic happy holidays and seasons greetings, indicates

CFRA Lunch Bunch: Debate on Occupy Movement and US Election

Abacus Data’s David Coletto joins the Lunch Bunch on CFRA to debate the Occupy Movement in Canada and the U.S. Presidential Election. Listen to the show here.

OUSA: What Ontarians Think about Post-Secondary Education

Republished from Educated Solutions: The Affordability Issue (Issue 8, November 2011) By David Coletto, Ph.D CEO, Abacus Data Inc. For the complete results of OUSA’s recent public opinion polling with Abacus Data, click here. The recent provincial election campaign in Ontario was dominated by debates over taxes, the economy, and who was best to lead Ontario through what

Ottawa Citizen: Occupied with ethics

By Kelly Roesler, The Ottawa Citizen November 11, 2011 Read more: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/Occupied+with+ethics/5699056/story.html#ixzz1dWPuBZlU OTTAWA — As the global Occupy movement continues to rail against the actions of big corporations, many Canadians are quietly sending an equally strong message to all businesses: ethics matter, and social responsibility is influencing key decisions such as where to work, where to invest

New politics of the oil sands won’t be about the environment

The oil sands remain a highly divisive and controversial topic in Canada.  Opinion is polarized by proponents of development in Western Canada and its strong opponents in Quebec.  Albertans and Quebecers are as far apart on the oil sands as possible.

Globe and Mail: Pollsters on Ontario discrepancies: ‘Stop focusing on the horse race’

For Ipsos-Reid President Darrell Bricker, whose firm had the Liberals ahead by 10 points, there was some ribbing on election night. Sun News correspondent David Akin pointed out the numbers of his media outlet’s pollster, Abacus Data. “Final Abacus poll: LP 37 PC 34 NDP 24; actual results at 2302: LP 37 PC 35 NDP

Sun News Network: Showcasing the New Election Scoreboard

Previewed during the 2011 Ontario provincial election coverage, David Coletto of Abacus Data gives a quick tutorial on the latest technology used by Sun News to bring its viewers the very best insight and analysis.

Globe and Mail: Pollsters did better – but still missed mark – in Ontario

By Eric Grenier October 7, 2011 Ironically, in light of the controversy stirred up in the opening days of the campaign, the two most accurate polls came from the newest firms: Forum Research, with a total error of only 1.6 points and using the IVR method, and Abacus Data, with a total error of 4.4
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