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Politics Anyone? Who would run for office in Canada

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In next year’s federal election well over 1,000 people will register as candidates for different parties or as independent candidates. This willingness to participate in the political process is important to the health of any democracy. We recently explored the idea of political candidacy in our polling. Here are

The Battle for Quebec: Mulcair v. Trudeau

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In 2011, the Jack Layton led New Democrats won 59 of 75 seats in Quebec. The NDP won 43% of the vote, and the Liberals only 14%. What’s different today? The NDP are polling roughly 10 points lower than their last election result and the Liberals have doubled their

Mixed opinions about what to do in the wake of the attack in Ottawa

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Voting Intention Our latest voting intention data has the Liberals leading with 35% of committed support, followed by the Conservatives (30%) and the NDP (24%). This represents no change for the Conservatives and a slight 3 point rise for the Liberals, from our last wave (October 10th -17th). The

How Canadians Feel about the Postmedia-Sun Deal, Ebola, and Media Bias in Canada

LATEST HIGHLIGHTS Little worry about Post-Sun Sale Modest concern about Ebola Most doubt “Mainstream Media” bias In our most recent survey (October 15-17, 2014) we explored a number of contemporary issues. Here are the results from some of the questions we posed to a national sample of Canadians. National Post – Sun Media Deal Most

Introducing Matters of Opinion 2014: How information is shared & considered among Canadians

  How do Canadians share and consider information about public affairs? For a second year, FullDuplex.ca and Abacus Data partnered to explore how Canadians are using the Internet to gather and process current events, which sources of information they rely upon to arrive at considered opinions, and how they participate online in a variety of

Iraq and ISIS: Political implications of Canada’s participation

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto One of the most contentious political choices in recent months has been whether Canada should join the US and other allies in a combat role to degrade and defeat ISIS in Iraq. Our latest poll looks at how the public has been viewing the choices made by the three

Canadian Politics: Liberals lose support over last month

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Our latest polling results, gathered over the last week among 1,248 Canadians aged 18 and over, show that: – 32% of committed voters say they would support the Liberal Party in an election held tomorrow, 30% would vote for the Conservatives and 25% say they would vote NDP. This represents

Federal Politics Update: Liberals ahead by 8, 38% to 30%.

Economic mood is positive, BQ slipping. By Bruce Anderson and David Coletto Our most recent polls show that the Liberals continue to enjoy a significant lead over the Conservatives with the NDP in third. Among the trends we are watching is the drift downward in expressed support for the BQ.  The BQ now is the


By Bruce Anderson and David Coletto Global events have brought Canadian foreign policy into focus in recent months. Our latest poll explored how Canadians are feeling about the leadership of the government in this area. On the whole Mr. Harper has the confidence of more Canadians than not when it comes to the positions he’s


By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto For interviews or quotes, or to find out more about our services, please contact either Chairman Bruce Anderson at banderson@abacusdata.ca (613-882-0929) or CEO David Coletto at david@abacusdata.ca (613-232-2806) What the people of Scotland decide about their future has captured attention around the world, including in Canada.  And, if it were
Good decisions require good data.