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Globe and Mail: Pollsters finally call an election correctly

ÉRIC GRENIER Globe and Mail Wednesday, Oct. 09 2013, 9:32 AM EDT After the disasters in British Columbia and Alberta, the polling industry needed a good result in last night’s provincial election in Nova Scotia. For the most part, they got it. The stakes were high in Tuesday’s vote not only for the politicians whose

Chronicle Herald: Poll offers different picture of race

October 2, 2013 – 9:22pm PAUL MCLEOD STAFF REPORTER The provincial election race may be tighter than previously thought, says a new Abacus Data Inc. poll. Abacus’s first Nova Scotia poll still gives the Liberals a healthy lead, but it shows the NDP and Progressive Conservatives in a neck-and-neck tie. Abacus had the Liberals at 48

Postmedia: Mainstream media still tops at influencing public opinion: poll

Tobi Cohen Published: September 26, 2013, 5:33 pm OTTAWA — Social media sites like Twitter may seem like all the rage as companies, organizations and politicians scramble to keep up with emerging platforms, but a new survey suggests mainstream media is where most Canadians still turn to help shape their opinions. The survey by a

Sun News: Summer ends with three-way tie among federal party support

DAVID AKIN | PARLIAMENTARY BUREAU CHIEF After a summer of one embarrassing Senate scandal after another, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are likely to take whatever little good news they can find these days.And, in the latest survey provided exclusively to QMI Agency by Abacus Data, there is, in fact, the tiniest nugget of good news for the ruling

Les miserables: Millennials plagued by stress, anxiety and rising obesity

SOURCE: POSTMEDIA NEWS Misty Harris Published: September 4, 2013, 3:00 pm When Alexandra Knoll landed a job that was actually related to her university education, she cried for an entire day. After spending months sending out resumes, working 50 to 60 hours a week at restaurant gigs, and struggling with anxiety on a near daily

99 problems and a niche is one: Challenges abound as Millennials seek their happy place

SOURCE: POSTMEDIA NEWS Misty Harris Published: September 3, 2013, 3:00 pm Millennials grew up being told they could do anything. As adults, however, just paying the bills and putting food on the table have become ongoing challenges for too many. “Literally every day we’re wondering how we’re going to make it, how we’re going to

Generation Why: Millennials will “reinvent everything” – just as soon as they land careers and leave home

SOURCE: POSTMEDIA NEWS Misty Harris Published: September 2, 2013, 3:00 pm They’re your office interns, retail checkout clerks, and disembodied drive-thru voices asking if you want fries with that — and they’re set to be the single most powerful group of Canadians since the Baby Boomers. Once dubbed “the hero generation,” Millennials were supposed to save

Allstate Survey: Condo owners’ lack of insurance knowledge puts them at financial risk

SOURCE: Allstate Canada   Allstate Canada launches contest to find GTA Condo Hero TORONTO – August 15, 2013 – New research conducted by Allstate Insurance Company of Canada and Abacus Data has found that 61 per cent of Canadian condominium (“Condo”) owners don’t know or incorrectly assume their building’s insurance will cover damage to another unit from

Allstate Survey: Gen X worst distracted driving culprits; most Canadians perceive behaviour negatively even as this behaviour increases

SOURCE: Allstate Canada Allstate cautions motorists as July is among deadliest on Canada’s roads TORONTO, June 27, 2013 — July has the highest percentage of fatal collisions in many Canadian jurisdictions. Because the roads are clear and dry, there may be an increased temptation to multi-task behind the wheel. In a recent Allstate Insurance Company

52% of survey respondents didn’t know Canada is trying to secure EU trade deal

JESSICA HUME | QMI AGENCY OTTAWA – A small majority of Canadians who responded to a new survey had no idea the government is attempting to clinch a trade deal with the European Union, but those who were aware are overwhelmingly in favour.According to the Abacus Data survey, 48% of respondents knew of the government’s trade negotiations
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