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What keeps us awake: Top national issues

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest survey of national opinion, we explored the issues people are concerned about across Canada today. • One in three (34%) say that economic conditions in general are the most important issue facing Canada today. This is the number one concern of 47% in Alberta, and a

View of PM Trudeau drives support for his government

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest survey of national opinion, we explored more detailed assessments of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. • Since his swearing last November, Justin Trudeau’s favourable impression rating has ranged between 56% and 59%, with negative opinion ranging from 19% and 25%. Our latest findings show 57% favourable and

Shock and Dismay: Canadians on Trump’s Victory

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest survey of national opinion, we explored reactions to the election of Donald Trump as US President. Here’s what we found. • The most common single words Canadians use to describe their reaction to Mr. Trump’s election were ‘shocked, surprised, disappointed, disgusted, and horror”. • In answer

In Defence Of My Craft: 2016 U.S. Election Polling Did Not Fail

Given all the debate and discussion about the performance of the polls in the U.S. Election, I couldn’t help but respond and give my thoughts on what happened. My team at Abacus takes what we do seriously.  I admit that survey research is not perfect.  But let’s not forget its value when done correctly and with

Broad support continues for the Trudeau government

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest survey of national opinion, we explored views of Canadian politics, perceptions of the federal government, the PM and other leaders, the aftermath of the US election and attitudes towards oil development in Canada, among other topics. In this our first release, we look at the domestic

TRUMP vs. CLINTON: What to expect Tuesday night

By David Coletto It’s almost over! Tomorrow night (hopefully), we will finally find out who will be the next American President. It’s been a campaign unlike any other and even in the final hours before the votes get counted, it’s not entirely clear who will win. Polls released over the weekend suggest that Hillary Clinton

Steve Kent is the early favourite to be the next NL PC Leader, but John Ottenheimer could be a threat

By David Coletto Our final release from the survey of 600 eligible voters we conducted for VOCM News focuses on the race to replace Paul Davis as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Newfoundland and Labrador. We tested the reputation of four potential leadership candidates among our survey respondents and put them in a

The economy remains the top issue in Newfoundland and Labrador

Concern about the budget deficit and Muskrat Falls up from last year. By David Coletto Yesterday we released new polling data that showed the provincial government’s approval rating at 22% and a close three-way horse race for party support. Today, we release additional findings from the survey of 600 eligible voters in Newfoundland and Labrador

It’s a close three-way race in Newfoundland and Labrador as 63% disapprove of the provincial government

By David Coletto On the eve of Dwight Ball and the NL Liberals’ one year election victory anniversary, Abacus Data and VOCM News asked residents of Newfoundland and Labrador how they feel about the direction of the province, their political leaders, and the economy. Over the next three days we will be releasing results of

The Conservative Race is Wide Open

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto As the list of contenders for the Conservative Party leadership takes more shape, updated our polling data on who Canadians prefer, among the names that have been in consideration (our poll was taken just before Tony Clement dropped out). Here’s what we found: • Kevin O’Leary garners 21% across
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