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Gen Y money: DIY Disasters

I’m always on the lookout for ways to save cash, and a great alternative to buying is to DIY (Do it Yourself). DIY undertakings can range on a pretty wide spectrum……[read more]

Canadian Politics: A Generational Divide?

In many markets these days, generational differences in outlook and priorities are important. Over the coming months, as part of Abacus’ market leading work in understanding the role of generation in decision-making, we will highlight how four age groups compare (18 to 29, 30 to 44, 45 to 59, and 60+). In this release, we

Are Millennials Actually Lazy?

Summer is well underway and as another school year for students in British Columbia has concluded, our kids have probably heard some phenomenal speeches from valedictorians and other guests. Like most Summer is well underway and as another school year for students in British Columbia has concluded, our kids have probably heard some phenomenal speeches

Are millennials ready to lead? Depends on who you ask

As Millennials take over as the largest generation in the modern workplace, one key question exists: Are they ready to lead? According to new data, the answer just may depend on who you ask. [read more]

Watch Abacus’ David Coletto at Canadian Council of Chief Executives Conference

Abacus Data CEO was a panelist at the Canadian Council of Chief Executives conference on Jobs and Skills in the 21st Century. Check out the session below:

Millennials driving the new economy: Just who are they?

Abacus Data CEO David Coletto was a guest on BNN talking about Millennials and what they mean for the economy and investors

Millennials don’t think they are doomed

New poll finds they’re not nearly as pessimistic as often assumed John Geddes April 10, 2015 They’ve been called Generation Screwed. Born in the wake of the demographics-dominating Baby Boomers, the much-mythologized Generation X, and Gen Y (whatever that is), the Millennials—kids coming of age in this century—are supposed to be in tough. You’ve probably

Introducing Matters of Opinion 2014: How information is shared & considered among Canadians

How do Canadians share and consider information about public affairs? For a second year, FullDuplex.ca and Abacus Data partnered to explore how Canadians are using the Internet to gather and process current events, which sources of information they rely upon to arrive at considered opinions, and how they participate online in a variety of political,

Debt is keeping millennials up at night

By: Francine Kopun Business reporter, Published on Wed Aug 27 2014 Toronto Star Half of millennials are so stressed about debt they are losing sleep over it, according to the results of a survey by BMO. The survey found that the household debt is $73,305 for millennials (those aged 18 to 34) and $92,476 for Canadians aged 35

Managing Millennials: Three Tips to Working with Emerging Employees

Millennials, Millennials, Millennials. You can’t go anywhere these days without someone talking about this group of young people. I am frequently asked how to engage, reach, and sell to this massive demographic group. Often, I’m also asked how to work with Millennials. Here I use the term “Millennials” to describe people born between 1980 and
Good decisions require good data.