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Todays Business Leaders: How are Millennials Different?

Business:Society – Millennial Survey 2011 Deloitte.com The members of the Millennial generation represent the future of cultural, economic, political, and social life as well as the future of business – they are our future leaders, consumers, agents of change, and hold the key to global prosperity. Restoring and enhancing the reputational capital of business therefore

Millennials without ladder to success

Millennials are growing up without the ladder to success LISA CURTIS Forbes.com Published Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012 6:00AM There used to be a ladder to success. It was the college–good job–marriage–house–family–cushy retirement. Sure, not everyone made it – there were a few broken rungs near the bottom – but that was the guiding light to the

The Millennials? So What?

Your business will be shaped by whether or not at least some of the 9 million Millennials buy your products or services.  Find out how we can help.

The rise of the millennials

By John A. Lahtinen Hartford Business They are confident, demanding, affluent, diverse, well-educated, passionate, socially-conscious and regard smartphones, Facebook and Twitter as routine ways of life rather than cutting-edge. They are the millennials, also known as Gen Y, and they now represent nearly half of the workforce — 80 million strong. Generally born in the late

Study: Most Gen Y drivers want to own hybrid cars

By Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY Six out of 10 Millennials say they would prefer to buy a hybrid or electric car over any of kind of car or truck. That finding in a new study from consultants Deloitte bodes well for automakers who are trying to get the public to consider electric cars. Hybrids hold an

What’s the Big Deal with Facebook?

This brief report explores the ways in which millennials use social media, and how that differs from other generations.  The scope is narrow, specifically dealing with Facebook use, but the message and the differences are clear.   Read the report: Open publication – Free publishing – More canada  

Forbes.com: Why Does Work Start At 9 A.M.?

Larissa Faw, Contributor January 19, 2012 I prefer to come into work a little earlier before our 9 a.m. start time in order to leave before 5 p.m. My boss has no problem with my hours, though an older female colleague apparently does. She regularly tells me that this “special” work schedule is damaging my

Ad Age: Five Things You Should Know About Advertising to Millennials

As many have long suspected, millennials really don’t respond to ads like their elders do, according to a new white paper from ComScore, based on nearly 1,000 TV tests and 35 digital advertising tests by its ARS copy testing group. Yet here’s the rub: Young people have always tuned out TV ads more than others,

13 Ways The Recession Has Changed How Millennials View Work

Aimee Groth and Vivan Giang, Business Insider Today’s young people have an entirely different view of work than their parents and grandparents. The boundaries between work and the rest of their lives are not as distinct, so Millennials expect more personal fulfillment from their day jobs. But Generation Y — defined loosely as those born

How Millennials can fit into a Boomer workplace

Francine Kopun Business Reporter Toronto Star, January 13, 2012 No one talks about the Generation Gap anymore. Kids like being with their Boomer parents. But the two generations don’t always fare so well in the workplace. Boomers think people entering the workplace today have grandiose expectations and a level of confidence that is bizarre, given
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