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Forbes.com: Why Does Work Start At 9 A.M.?

Larissa Faw, Contributor January 19, 2012 I prefer to come into work a little earlier before our 9 a.m. start time in order to leave before 5 p.m. My boss has no problem with my hours, though an older female colleague apparently does. She regularly tells me that this “special” work schedule is damaging my

Ad Age: Five Things You Should Know About Advertising to Millennials

As many have long suspected, millennials really don’t respond to ads like their elders do, according to a new white paper from ComScore, based on nearly 1,000 TV tests and 35 digital advertising tests by its ARS copy testing group. Yet here’s the rub: Young people have always tuned out TV ads more than others,

13 Ways The Recession Has Changed How Millennials View Work

Aimee Groth and Vivan Giang, Business Insider Today’s young people have an entirely different view of work than their parents and grandparents. The boundaries between work and the rest of their lives are not as distinct, so Millennials expect more personal fulfillment from their day jobs. But Generation Y — defined loosely as those born

How Millennials can fit into a Boomer workplace

Francine Kopun Business Reporter Toronto Star, January 13, 2012 No one talks about the Generation Gap anymore. Kids like being with their Boomer parents. But the two generations don’t always fare so well in the workplace. Boomers think people entering the workplace today have grandiose expectations and a level of confidence that is bizarre, given

Millennial Gen Y and Facebook Study

By Dan Schawbel, Millennial Branding Millennial Branding Survey Reveals that Gen-Y is Connected to an Average of 16 Co-Workers on Facebook Young people are using Facebook for personal over professional reasons, yet they are ‘friending’ their coworkers. A new study by Millennial Branding, of 4 million Gen-Y Facebook profiles from Identified.com‘s database of 50 million,

Statistics Canada: Labour Force Survey

The latest release from the Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey shows the youth (15 – 24) unemployment rate at 14.1 in December, down 0.3 from the previous month. Following two months of declines, employment rose slightly in December, up 18,000. The unemployment rate edged up to 7.5% as more people participated in the labour market.

The care and feeding of Gen Y employees

By Sheldon Gordon, The Globe and Mail They’re called Generation Y, the millennials, the Net Generation or the Echo Boomers. They’re mostly younger than 30, and the children of baby boomers. And they’re not easy to stimulate and satisfy in the workplace. Neil Crawford, a human resources consultant with Aon Hewitt, says Gen Y employees

Retailers adjust marketing as more men take over grocery shopping

By Emily Bryson York December 29, 2011 Reporting from Chicago— Danny Meyer began doing most of the household grocery shopping when his fiancee started graduate school. Meyer goes to Whole Foods in Chicago for produce and specialty items, Jewel-Osco for staples and Trader Joe’s when he needs to really stock up. He says he is not particularly brand-loyal

Baby boomers’ kids in job squeeze ’til 2015

Dana Flavelle Business Reporter Toronto Star December 29, 2011   Emily Kisch, 22, has a bachelor’s degree in communications and community college diploma in corporate communications. But after looking for a job in her field since April, she’s now a server at a Jack Astor’s restaurant in Mississauga. With unemployment among young people running at

Job Dissatisfaction Heats Up

As Job Dissatisfaction Heats Up, Don’t Let Your Company Lose The Game Of Musical Chairs fastcompany.com By Roberta Matuson, Fast Company Expert Published Dec. 2, 2011 If the surveys are correct, 2012 could go down in history as the year of corporate musical chairs. The results of recent studies conducted by Gallup, Mercer, and Right
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