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G&M: Generation Nixed: Why Canada’s youth are losing hope for the future

TAVIA GRANT AND JANET MCFARLAND The Globe and Mail Published Saturday, Oct. 27 2012, 8:00 AM EDT Crippling debt to buy credentials no one wants. Low-paying, short-term jobs that put middle-class prosperity out of reach. And, for good measure, the prospect of a penurious retirement. That’s the deal on offer to many twentysomething Canadians today, a

Millennial thoughts on pension reform

By David Coletto QMI Agency October 23, 2012 In last week’s tabling of the second budget implementation bill, the federal government announced major changes to the pension plans of MPs and federal public servants. Starting in January 2013, all federal government employees will have to make larger contributions to their pension, 50% up from 37%.

‘Hipster’ Is Not a Real Job Declares BC Government Campaign

The Huffington Post BC Posted October 10, 2012 A B.C. government ad trying to promote skilled-trade jobs in the province is baffling people instead with a message that “hipster is not a real job.” The slogan is part of a $15-million campaign on B.C. buses, reported Canadian Business. The ads direct people to a job-posting

Justin Trudeau: The Millennial candidate?

by David Coletto Toronto Sun October 3, 2012 Justin Trudeau will become prime minister because young Canadians, or the Millennials, who never vote, will vote for him. Before you all reach for the barf bags, let me explain why that just might be true and why conservatives should be worried. I spend a lot of

One-third of young Canadians have no retirement savings

By Roma Luciw The Globe and Mail Nearly a third of young Canadians have not started saving for retirement, although a quarter of them want to leave the work force early. A poll released Wednesday by the Bank of Montreal found that 27 per cent of young adults, defined as those between the ages of

Generation Y Suggests Another Look At ‘Generation Why Bother’

By Meredith Bennett-Smith The Huffington Post They have been called the Millenials and Generation Y by some: the “Go-Nowhere Generation” and “Generation Why Bother” by others. The researcher in charge of a new and ongoing national survey on the generation claims, however, that whatever you might call them, this most recent American batch, ages 18-29,

Canadians generally find older workers valuable, survey finds

By Robert Hiltz Postmedia New The saying goes: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” and it seems half of Canadians agree. In a poll from Ipsos Reid for Postmedia News, 51 per cent said they thought older workers were more difficult to train on new processes and technology than younger ones. The figures

Canadian Millennials and Gambling

In our national survey conducted in November 2011, we asked Canadians whether or not they have ever gambled online, the chart below represents the percentage of each generation who said “yes”. Millennials and Generation X’ers (ages 31-44) were much more likely to have gambled online, 15% and 14% respectively, compared to the baby boomers (8%)

Why Tim Hortons and McDonald’s love go-go Gen Ys

The Toronto Star Published On Mon Apr 16 2012 By: Francine Kopun More Canadians – especially Gen Y, or Millennials – are grabbing breakfast on the go, according to research from The NPD Group Inc. People aged 19-35 skip the family kitchen at breakfast and rely on quick-service-restaurants (QSRs) like McDonald’s and Tim Hortons to

Gen Y on the move: Why Canadian young people leave home for work

By Alyshah Hasham Toronto Star About 100,000 people left Ontario between 2003 and 2010 and about half of them are young people, he says. The rates of interprovincial migration are five to 10 times higher for people between 20 and 30 than for people who are 40 to 50. Migration is also extremely susceptible to
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