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Gen Y gets connected before getting out of bed

Vancouver Sun Dec. 22, 2012 It’s 6 a.m. Your morning alarm shrills piercingly. You sit up groggily, stretch and yawn. It’s time to get ready for school or work – what do you do next? Get dressed? Take a shower? Brush your teeth? Ninety per cent of Gen Y surveyed worldwide said they check their

Why Smartphone-Obsessed Generation Y Can’t Put Down Their Phones

By Kate Freeman Mashable Dec 12, 2012 The smartphone: man’s new best friend — at least for Generation Y.Wireless devices have changed the way we communicate, work and entertain ourselves. For many people in Gen Y, the last thing we do before we go to bed is check our smartphones, and it’s often the first

Gen Y In Canada: Taxes, Tolerance And Voting Top List Of What Makes A Good Citizen

The Huffington Post By Éric Grenier December 6, 2012 The vast majority of millennials consider themselves to be good citizens, but there is not nearly as much consensus on what that means — a disagreement often influenced by age, education and country of origin. Abacus Data polled 1,004 Canadians of the Millennial Generation —aged 18

Generation Y Favours NDP Over All Other Political Parties, Says HuffPost Poll Of Canadian Millennials

Huffington Post Canada November 29, 2012 By Éric Grenier While opinion in the country as a whole is divided among the three major political parties, millennials have a clear preference for the NDP. Abacus Data’s exclusive poll for The Huffington Post Canada on the views of Canadian millennials suggests that 36 per cent of decided

Generation Y In Canada: Millennial Dreams Hijacked By Unflinching Reality Of The Great Recession

By Christian Cotroneo Huffington Post Canada Call it Generation Interrupted. Bystanders to the economic train wreck of the Great Recession, members of Generation Y have acutely suffered the aftershocks and a painful recovery four years in the making. Although past generations faced much more daunting challenges — global wars, deeper and more widespread economic depression

Generation Burnout: Gen Y Women in the Workplace

Abacus Data stats on Gen Y Women are quoted in the October 2012 edition of Flare Magazine. Check out the article here, Flare Magazine October 2012.

G&M: Generation Nixed: Why Canada’s youth are losing hope for the future

TAVIA GRANT AND JANET MCFARLAND The Globe and Mail Published Saturday, Oct. 27 2012, 8:00 AM EDT Crippling debt to buy credentials no one wants. Low-paying, short-term jobs that put middle-class prosperity out of reach. And, for good measure, the prospect of a penurious retirement. That’s the deal on offer to many twentysomething Canadians today, a

Millennial thoughts on pension reform

By David Coletto QMI Agency October 23, 2012 In last week’s tabling of the second budget implementation bill, the federal government announced major changes to the pension plans of MPs and federal public servants. Starting in January 2013, all federal government employees will have to make larger contributions to their pension, 50% up from 37%.

‘Hipster’ Is Not a Real Job Declares BC Government Campaign

The Huffington Post BC Posted October 10, 2012 A B.C. government ad trying to promote skilled-trade jobs in the province is baffling people instead with a message that “hipster is not a real job.” The slogan is part of a $15-million campaign on B.C. buses, reported Canadian Business. The ads direct people to a job-posting

Justin Trudeau: The Millennial candidate?

by David Coletto Toronto Sun October 3, 2012 Justin Trudeau will become prime minister because young Canadians, or the Millennials, who never vote, will vote for him. Before you all reach for the barf bags, let me explain why that just might be true and why conservatives should be worried. I spend a lot of
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