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Poll: A full recovery has to include those living in poverty and unstable condition

A new poll finds Canadians recognize the risk those in refugee camps face over COVID-19 and the need to stop the spread of the virus everywhere before a full recovery can begin. David Coletto & Oksana Kishchuk In mid-May, Abacus Data conducted a national public opinion survey commissioned by World Vision, a global relief, development,

What do Canadians think about virtual healthcare?

In mid-May, the Canadian Medical Association commissioned us to conduct a national survey to explore Canadian perceptions, impressions, and behaviours when it comes to virtual healthcare. The full report can be found here. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions in many parts of our daily life, including in the ways we can access the medical

One thing COVID-19 isn’t doing? Widening partisans divisions in Canada

By Bruce Anderson and David Coletto ABOUT 6 IN 10 APPROVE OF OTTAWA’S APPROACH TODAY Given the health concerns and economic challenges facing the country, it is remarkable that satisfaction with the federal government’s performance has spiked upwards in our latest polling. But perhaps even more remarkable is that the divisions that marked polling in

Canadians are hoping for a “cleaner recovery” from pandemic

COVID has people preoccupied with the economy and health. However, support for a wide range of clean infrastructure choices is broad across Canada. New Abacus Data-Clean Energy Canada polling reveals that the current economic and health challenges have done little or nothing to diminish support for infrastructure changes that will create a cleaner Canadian economy

As the pandemic continues, more Canadians than ever are considering RVing this summer.

TORONTO – A national survey of 2,000 Canadian adults conducted for RVezy.com finds that more Canadians are considering going RVing this summer as concerns about COVID-19 change the kind of vacation people are looking for. ALMOST HALF OF CANADIANS ARE PLANNING TO TAKE OR ARE THINKING ABOUT TAKING A SUMMER VACATION THIS YEAR. Despite the

Doug Ford’s image goes from very bad to impressive in less than three months.

By David Coletto & Ihor Korbabicz Our team has been tracking Canadian perceptions and attitudes around the pandemic for more than two months. Last week we released new data on how the pandemic was impacting Canadian politics. Today, we turn our attention to Ontario politics. In our most recent survey completed last weekend, we interviewed 597

Canadians want a recovery that is ambitious, fair, and makes the country more self-sufficient.

By David Coletto For video interviews by Skype or Zoom or audio interviews, please contact David at 613-884-4730 or david@abacusdata.ca In early May, the Broadbent Institute commissioned Abacus Data to conduct a national public opinion survey to explore the kind of recovery Canadians want after the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey found: FINDING 1: By a

Months into COVID-19 Pandemic, Canadians would re-elect Liberal and the Prime Minister’s image improves markedly.

By Bruce Anderson and David Coletto LIBERALS HAVE AN 8-POINT LEAD NATIONALLY If an election were held at the time of the survey, the Liberals would win 39%, the Conservatives 31% and followed by the NDP at 16%, the Greens at 6%, and the BQ at 7%. At the beginning of March, the Liberals and

Canadians ready to get back to organized sports and group physical activities post-pandemic.

Abacus Data Bulletins are short analyses of public opinion data we collect. For more information or media interviews, contact David Coletto.     By David Coletto Our team has been tracking Canadian perceptions and attitudes around the pandemic for more than two months. As provinces start executing plans to re-open the economy, when group physical activity

The Locked-Down Blues: Canadians, Live Music, and the Pandemic

By David Coletto OTTAWA – A new poll conducted for Music Canada finds that many Canadians say it will take six months or more before they feel comfortable going to watch live music again, even after physical distancing restrictions are lifted. For video interviews by Skype or Zoom or audio interviews, please contact David at

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