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Team Abacus Data Rides to End MS; Raises almost $9,000

On August 11, thirteen rides set out from the Legion in Metcalfe (in the City of Ottawa) to Cornwall for the 2012 edition of the MS Bike Tour. The weather held out for most of ride until the end when the rain (and some hail) came and cooled us down. We had one flat tire

OUSA: What Ontarians Think about Post-Secondary Education

Republished from Educated Solutions: The Affordability Issue (Issue 8, November 2011) By David Coletto, Ph.D CEO, Abacus Data Inc. For the complete results of OUSA’s recent public opinion polling with Abacus Data, click here. The recent provincial election campaign in Ontario was dominated by debates over taxes, the economy, and who was best to lead Ontario through what

Methodology of the Abacus Data National Poll

Over the next few weeks, we are going to be releasing a number of studies from an omnibus survey we conducted last weekend (October 29 to November 1). We interviewed 1,001 Canadians who were randomly selected from a national online panel of about 400,000 Canadians.  We partnered with a very respectable, online research company called

Making Polls Relevant: Confessions of a pollster

Today in the Times and Transcript, Alec Bruce argues the news media’s attention to polls has weakened the relevance of political journalism.  He writes, “What’s particularly edifying or newsworthy about polls that show Messrs. Harper and Ignatieff enjoy essentially the same level of popular support today that they did last week, last month or even last

UK moves closer to electoral reform. What if we had Alternative Vote in Canada?

On Monday, the British House of Commons passed a Bill setting out a May 5th referendum on the Alternative Vote (AV) system by a vote of 328 to 269. There was some talk that renegade Tory backbenchers may vote against it in opposition to the date scheduled for the vote (to be held in conjunction

What do Students Want?

As most university students across Canada head back to school today, one question continually baffles university administrators, faculty, and parents: What do students want? Last month, the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (an Abacus client) released another report from its province-wide survey of over 10,000 Ontario undergraduate students.  The report, entitled What Students Want finds that

The Rise of Automated Polls

It is no wonder that with the cost of telephone surveys rising and response rates declining, automated or IVR polling is growing as an alternative method for quantitative research. A recent story in the Wall Street Journal profiled Scott Rasmussen, the founder of Rasmussen Reports a firm that conducts automated polls.  Other firms such as

The Abacus Data Blog is Live

It’s an exciting time to be involved in the public opinion and marketing research industry.  The industry and the methodologies used to measure public opinion and consumer behaviour are rapidly changing.  Abacus Data was created to offer organizations and decision makers a research partner that works harder, focuses on our clients’ needs, and uses the
Good decisions require good data.